Dylan Kraus (born 1987 in Ohio) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in New York. Kraus graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cooper Union in 2015. Recent exhibitions include: Sleeping in the Skin of a Nightmare (curated by Dylan Kraus and Aurel Schmidt, Romeo Gallery, New York); The Skies and the Atmosphere Most Luscious (curated by Dylan Kraus, James Fuentes, New York); The Written Trace (group, curated by Ariella Wolens, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York); Over The Honey Moon (with Rose Salane, Magic Gallery, New York); Old School of Art: Tales from the Crypt (solo, Cooper Union, New York); In Bloom (curated by Dylan Kraus, Chinatown Soup Gallery, New York); 12 Clox (solo, Vision Inc., New York); Enter the Void (group, The Porch Museum, New York).