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In 2014 LGHQ wrote, “Picture Destruction.  Performing Different Forms. Alienation from the Body.  Loaded. Uselessness. Luminous Detail. Imaginary Realm.  Approach to the Mundane. Repetition. Attention. Resolve.” Since the 2010s, these uncompromising artists and musicians have explored the potential of collaborative art-making—work in which the art is made by more than one person—to challenge our assumptions about the singular genius artist. Often drawing from their personal and professional experiences, LGHQ’s influential work has directly addressed separation, companionship, fantasy, transformation, persona, and character.

Bringing together over 10 works, including paintings, sculptures, multimedia installations, videos, and performances, this exhibition offers a rare opportunity to experience their provocative and wide-ranging artwork. Occupying the gallery’s entire floor and its atrium, LGHQ: The First Four Years charts the artists’ four-year career, including early works inspired by their nascent friendship; key projects such as The Discrete Evolution (2017), in which LGHQ map their metamorphosis into one single being, recapitulated here as a sculpture—The Discrete Sculpture (2018); The Witch and The Raccoon (2015), a sculpture produced for a feature-length work dealing with duality and separation; and Will Happiness Find Us? (2018), a new ambitious video adapted from a live performance where the artists explore performative being, existential thoughts, and reactionary states.

The result of a five-month collaboration between the artists, Entrance Gallery, and Virginia López-Anido, this is the most comprehensive retrospective of LGHQ’s work to date.

The exhibition has been made possible by contributions and help from Alon Sicherman, Jack Shannon, Louis Shannon, Hope Christerson, Light Industry, NEBO Studio, Dan Porvin and the Cooper Union.