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Dylan Kraus in Ravelin Magazine

Dylan Kraus is an artist who I can always have a passionate and genuine discussion with about nature. He is someone who I’ll walk away from thinking, “Wow, I love art so much.” Kraus’ passion for art is contagious and it is evident in his latest body of work, entitled: Night Light, a show of small paintings, depicting scenes from nature. He is able to translate the complex, yet simple feelings that come with surrounding oneself in nature; and in doing so, finds the quiet within.

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Dylan Kraus "Night Light" Opening

Abandoning more conceptual imagery in favor of simplicity, Night Light serves as a refinement to Dylan Kraus’ exploration of time and symmetry. These eight new paintings encapsulate dreamscapes and night visions, where a microcosm of birds and berries expands into images of the cosmos and the aurora borealis. Though intimate in scale, Kraus’ paintings draw inspiration from the infinite complexity of nature; a language of different shapes, sounds and forms that in turn create a spiritual atmosphere. Similar to a fable or fairytale, Kraus’ work aims to develop an emotional relation to the viewer through its hidden symbols and narratives. While his last series of clock paintings seem vastly different in terms of subject matter, Kraus views his practice as an ongoing study on themes of symmetry, the organic, the systematic, dreamtime and states of perception. The series was made on a porch in open air, and the show is aptly accompanied by field recordings of a summer night.

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