Dark Night of the Soul Solstice Dinner

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Precious Okoyomon and Kendra Valle create a specially curated menu in celebration of the winter solstice—touching on themes of death and rebirth, grief and praise, work, and exploitation to cooperation.

In Praise of Shadows

The absence of light

O gem of all things

We forget where the ground _we forget the earth Blessed be the divine green goddess

I offer thee my body_ Red sun

I fear nature

invoke the spirits that bind

I call the yellow fire and black earth

Sun Gold Sun

Sorrow nature Sorrow

Womb void Womb

Blessed be sun blessed be the sacred light Awaken

Light swells around the body and engorges it In the enormity of this light become the prayer

Life beyond means World without end Reign supreme

Solstice dinner

Fruit tree
Roasted persimmon. Dragon fruit. Pomegranates. Honeycombs

Squid ink. Bean paste. Fermented tomatoes

Eba and Egusi & Bitterleaf soup
Koji aged steak / with dried sorrel and ostrich fat

Roasted Roots
Black carrots. Black radish. Acorn squash.

Eggs in a basket
Candied kombucha. Whipped custard with Raw milk.

Milk & Honey
Tres leches. Honeycomb. Bee’z


Palm wine

Mulled wine

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