Claire Christerson Between Earth and Water Book Launch and Viewing Weekend

Christerson Book Launch Flyer.jpg

Claire Christerson will be releasing two new books along with a number of special artist objects from June 15 – 17th at Entrance. Original works from the books will be on display, and the artist will be hosting a special preview brunch (tickets available here).

Between Earth and Water (Daffodils), is a two part book that Christerson created this Winter 2018 while she was in Limerick, Ireland and then in Los Angeles. The first half of the book: Between Earth and Water was made while she was in Limerick. All of the drawings were made and inspired by the nature that she saw.  Prior to the trip, the theme earth and water had been prevalent and was solidified with the text when she returned. The second half of the book: Daffodils, was made while she was in Los Angeles. The graphite line drawings were made wherever Christerson went on her trip and were inspired by life, growth and observing the plants and structures that were around her. Christerson created this book with the intention of it being a children’s book for anybody, with the first section coming from a younger place and the second half coming from a place of analyzing personal growth, something that feels more like being a teenager. As a whole these drawings were all made though travel and were extremely special for Christerson to imagine and produce. In order to bring this book even more to life, Christerson created stone sculptures to emulate her stone wall drawings.

Fractures in My Structures was made immediately after Between Earth and Water (Daffodils). Christerson created this book to be a glimpse of what her journaling practice is like. Without her journals, her other projects would not happen and so she collected thoughts and drawings from 2011-2018 and mashed them up into one book. Her drawing practice began while she was in high school drawing in the backs of classrooms, so it only felt fitting to format the book like a composition notebook. This book was made to be the internal counterpart to the other book which is so external and forward. Christerson finds it extremely important to open her practice up to the parts that are not always comfortable or straight forward. This book is a window into the interior process that the artist goes through to get to the exterior.