Hollow Siren EP Release

Hollow Siren EP Release


“Hollow Siren” is Clara Warnaar’s first release outside her work as a drummer and songwriter for the band Infinity Shred. The band’s obsession with crafting thoughtful ambient transitions became an obsession of Clara’s own, as she started taking small transition ideas and growing them into larger, abstract songs that became this EP. “Hollow Siren” is architectural and emotional, weaving ambient textures with binaural field recordings and manipulated classical music samples. While the samples come straight from the concert hall - bass drum rumbles, violin scales in the distance, choir segments, the music is a love letter to big empty spaces - halls, places of worship, warehouses - and the refuge negative space gives us.

Clara Warnaar is a drummer, percussionist and producer based in New York. She has performed with the International Contemporary Ensemble, So Percussion and Man Forever (Kid Millions) and has recording credits on feature films and for the music of Missy Mazzoli, Ted Hearne, Nico Muhly, amongst others.

Listening times at 7 and 8:30pm with limited seating available.

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